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BHPL’s community extends beyond immediate genealogical ties due to its online nature. The BHPL community provides engaging activities, exploration, and training; provide learning, development, and public engagement around a unified topic of caring for our most vulnerable populations. BHPL looks to offer the following qualities in our online Mental and Behavioral Health Community.


BHPL looks to connect consumers with providers through a Person Centered approach

Starting with Person Centered Thinking…

  • Captures important information about a person in an easily accessible and personalized format.

Can include…

  • What People Like and Admire
  • What is Important TO the Person
  • How to Best Support the Person
  • What’s Working
  • What they feel they need

A snapshot of the individual.

BHPL focuses on the use of an individual’s Person Centered Plan to assist in reaching a Person Centered service or placement.

Taking Person Centered Plans to Person Centered Places.

Many individuals are placed into programs that don’t necessarily meet their specific needs. BHPL looks to solve the gap between available services and desired services.

  • No longer should individuals be placed in group homes, or treatment programs that are not conducive to the individuals’ specific needs.
  • No longer should awareness of specified programs and services be a problem
  • No longer should bed/slot availability be a problem
  • No longer should a consumer guess or assume a provider will be good for an individual

With BHPL, there is a direct % match of consumer needs and provider services. BHPL brings awareness of programs and services that may otherwise be unknown to most consumers that don’t live in the immediate area. With a live-up to date site that provides up to the minute availability of services, eliminates the guessing game and the need to call around to check on availability.

BHPL provides a quick and immediate modality affording consumers to serve their identified population with the care they need in an expeditious fashion.

Behavioral Health Provider List has built one of the largest online Mental and Behavioral Health Communities. The BHPL community brings about a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals; a social unit of people who have something in common such as norms, values, identity, and often a sense of understanding within the relationship.

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